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No Worry, Be Peaceful!

Our Divine Download for April 23, 2021 is This Situation is Already Resolved from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Phew! One less thing to worry our pretty little heads about! You may be reading that thinking "I wish that it were that simple." But it is. It really, truly, always is. How many of the things that we waste precious time and energy worrying about every actually come to pass? (Hint: VERY few, if any!) How many of the scenarios that we fret about ever play out in as bad a way as we imagine? We waste SO much of our precious time and energy fearing the worst and breathing technicolor detail into exactly what we do not want. That makes it really confusing for the law of attraction and the Universe to bring us exactly what we do want. We delay resolution, we delay our own desires for peace when we are in fear and worry energy. And unfortunately we live in a society and a disconnected on-line culture that really likes to support fear and worry and gloom and doom. But, the media would be out of business if their lead story every night was "Everything's going to be okay because the Universe has your back!" (It's true, it absolutely does!) Some of us are so used to being in fear and worry that we actually kind of like to spin out in those spaces because we're used to it and it's comfortable because it's what we've known, or what we've been conditioned to accept. And let's be real: trust isn't tangible, so it's not comfortable. Surrender isn't socially acceptable so we feel that we're going against the grain when we simply lean into the certainty that it's all really all right. Turn off the tv and tune into yourself. Your inner self, your higher self knows that all of this worry and all of this fear is for naught. You know the power of surrender and the magic of trust. So turn it over and let it be. Because it's already better than you ever thought that it could be!

It can sometimes feel impossible to surrender and trust when everywhere we turn in the big bad world tells us to worry and fear and fret, so sometimes we might need a little bit of extra help and support in leaning into our universal support and our universal truths. Our Angels are always happy to help assuage our worries and concerns and will do just that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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