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Nurture Your Mother

Our Divine Download for July 21, 2020 is Environmental Awareness from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. The big gorgeous hawk that the fairy on our card is holding is another reminder of how protected and connected that we are. Hawks are considered magical messages and we are being put on notice that Mother Earth has a thing or two to say to us right now. We've been so concerned with out own survival, that we've lost touch with Mother Earth and the fact that she is a living, breathing being. She needs our help right now. She needs our protection, she needs our positive, healing energy. Covid-19 is not just a virus that effects human beings. How could it effect our species, but not the living, breathing, very much alive place where we all live?! Much of what is happening right now with the virus is energetic, and those energies effect us all, Mother Earth included. She needs to be cared for and looked after and nurtured too, and not just taken for granted. You can ask the fairies to inspire ways for you to contribute positively to Mother Earth's well-being, especially as you are spending time outdoors. They will answer you through your thoughts and your feelings,or through synchronistic opportunities. When was the last time that you took a moment to express some love and some gratitude for our beautiful planet who supports and sustains us all? Take some time out today. Commune with her. Affirm "It feels good to nurture my planet with loving care." And so it does!

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