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Nurture Yourself, Nurture Mother Earth

Our Divine Download for March 9, 2024 is Nurture from the She Sirens Oracle. This is a card of duality which can therefore be looked at two ways. First, we are being gently reminded to nurture ourselves. We spend so much time, arguably most of our time, nurturing others that it doesn't leave much time or space to nurture ourselves. However the cold, harsh, reality is that if we do not nurture ourselves, chances are better than not that no one else is going to do it for us. What does it mean to you to nurture yourself right now? What do you need in your life for you to nurture yourself? What has to happen in order for you to make nurturing yourself a priority? It is especially important for us, as we can clearly see from the image on the card for us to nurture ourselves with nature right now and with natural products and things that are of the Earth. We live on this beautiful planet, and Mother Earth is bountiful with things that we can use to sustain and nurture ourselves. But so often, this sustenance goes overlooked or ignored. Start paying attention to the rhythms of the seasons and the offerings that Mother Earth makes to us that we can use to nurture ourselves. The other message of this card asks us to honestly look at how we are nurturing Mother Earth, as all relationships are meant to be reciprocal. But we don't always look at Mother Earth as being a living, breathing, being. Sometimes we forget she is alive. But she is and she gives life and she sustains life. Not just for all of us, but for everything that is on the planet at this point in time. So give her a little love, and pay some attention as to what you are called to do in order to nurture Mother Earth.

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