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Open To Accept & Receive

Our Divine Download for August 13, 2023 is Acceptance from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. We often look at messages having to do with acceptance from a "what do we need to accept in our hearts and in our lives" point of view. This acceptance card also reveals that there is a gift coming to you in the not too distant future. Accept this gift, when it comes, with an open heart. Know it is a gift from the Universe. This can also be a gentle reminder from the universe that we might need to work on our ability to accept and receive just a little bit (or a lot...). Open your arms as wide as you possibly can, we're talking shoulder blades squeezed together in the back wide, plant your feet (shoulder distance apart) and take a couple of deep cleansing breaths here while you declare to the Universe "I am open to receive!" Breathe out any energy that feels stuck, jittery, like a block of any kind, or like anything short of acceptance. Rinse and repeat for a total of three declarations. If receiving and acceptance of what is being given to you have been challenges that you have worked with or on for any part of your life, you want to do this exercise at least once a day, but three times a day is ideal. You'll know when you've blown away the last of your resistance to receptivity and acceptance. Trust that. Trust in the universe and accept all in your life as it unfolds. Live fully within each moment in knowing that all is love. Open your heart and accept the love of the universe - you are more than you will ever consciously know. Acceptance is love and love is the greatest healer.

Our Angels understand why we have the challenges that we do with acceptance and receptivity. They will help us work through those challenges by providing us Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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