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Open Your Heart For More

Our Divine Download for May 11, 2022 is Open Your Heart from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards with the message "I allow myself to feel the full range of emotions, especially all the forms of love." Our hearts experience so much over our lifetimes and have experienced an entire lifetime's worth of additional intense emotions over the course of the past few years. We need our physical hearts to stay healthy in order to beat within our physical bodies and pump blood to fuel and supply our organs and really every single cell within our physical bodies. Our energetic and emotional hearts function in a similarly profound way. Our Heart Chakra or energy center is really our central chakra and it is so often the one that is neglected, blocked, or in need of energetic attention and support. Every positive emotion that we have is born and lives within our heart center. Every negative emotion, hurt, or challenge that we have lingers in and damages our heart center, despite our best efforts to limit these effects. We live in a harsh world filled with challenges and painful energetic resonance. We cannot hide from all of that, it is simply a part of our life and part of our world. When we focus too much, or so much on the dark, the negative, the challenge, we can begin to close off and even shrink our heart center. Though this may seem a good idea as a form of protection, what we actually do in this process is limit our capacity for love and light, and to experience all of the joy and beauty that surrounds us. We may sometimes need to look a little harder for the positive (or a lot harder some days), it is absolutely there and when we can lean in and focus on these higher vibration energies that is when our heart can begin to heal and open. We are being guided right now to do exactly that so that we can experience even more love, even brighter light, and the absolute most beauty and joy that life has to offer. It's time to breathe out and brush off the experiences and the painful emotions that have settled in our heart center and open to the more, the better, the greater, all of the love that is here for us now.

Opening our hearts can be easier said than done and our Angels know more intimately than most the extent of pain that we have locked away in our hearts. Thankfully our Angels also know the best and most effective Spiritual Action Steps to bring openness and healing to our hearts and we can connect with them for this guidance with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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