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Out with the Old...

Our Divine Download for May 5, 2020 is End of and Era from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. Endings and beginnings, old and new, are cyclical and always go hand in hand. We cannot start something new, without ending, or at the very least adjusting, something old. We are all being touched by this cycle of beginnings and endings right now and it is very important for us to be extremely gentle with ourselves during these shifts. You can think of yourself as the cocooned butterfly right now, fragile, vulnerable, and seemingly dormant preparing for a birth with wings. Just as a caterpillar has never experienced life with wings before, so can have no idea what to expect, or how to prepare, we have not experienced life on the other side of these changes. The only preparation that we need do for our wings is trust that the necessary changes are taking place within us due to our extended forced dormancy. Take time to feel through these endings, both on personal and societal levels. Grieve the losses that you are experiencing over these transitions. Make plans for what you wish to do next. Though you have never had wings before, you can always adjust your plans as necessary if life with wings is different (and better!) than you anticipated. Bless and release whatever must end with gratitude. Accept where you are within the cycle of beginnings and endings, and know that it is possible (and likely) to be in multiple places at once because our lives are mutli-faceted and rarely do transitions line of neatly in their timing. Periods of dormancy do not last forever. This too shall pass. When it is time for us to emerge from our cocoon, we will need to follow the butterfly's lead there as will as it may not be possible for us to instantly take flight. But it will be possible for us to fly, possibly for the first time ever.

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