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Play Through Your Days For Your Best Balance

Our Divine Download for November 30, 2023 is Two of Autumn/Abyssinian Cat from the Animal Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be considered the two of coins, two of pentacles, two of Archangel Ariel. So, you know all that stuff we said about balance yesterday? Yeah, well, the two of autumn is also about being out of balance. But the Abyssinian cat has a slightly different take on how we get back into balance (so total bonus points if you incorporate both plans!) and that is that we need to have some more fun in our lives because that is the biggest way that we are out of balance. We have SO much going on, and are probably going, Going, GOING all of the time, that we have completely forgotten, and therefore completely neglected to make, much less prioritize any time to have some fun. Sure, we all have tasks that we have to do in order to exist in the world. And yeah, we probably don't love each and every one of our tasks. But, they can become less dreadful and less overwhelming when we find ways to incorporate just a teensy, tiny, lil bit of fun into those tasks. And there is absolutely a way to make just about every single task that you have to do a little less tedious, a little lighter, a little brighter, and a little more fun. When we sprinkle some fun and some play onto and into our tasks, we will find that our sense of overwhelm diminished and we are able to accomplish things in near record time. So, if you absolutely hate doing the dishes, sing while you do them (bonus points for bad singing to ridiculous songs!). If you are not a big fan of doing the laundry, try counting like The Count on Sesame Street as you throw socks into the washing machine. The more fun you can have the better. The more you can laugh at yourself the better. Anything and everything that you can do to lighten up will help make all the unsavory tasks overflowing your plate just a little more palatable.

Don't forget that self-care can also be fun! Consider treating yourself to a Crystal Healing Session where you can experience what it's like to "get stoned" in the most literal way possible working with all of the energies of the different crystals to balance your energy centers. Schedule Your Crystal Therapy Healing Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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