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Play Up Your Passion

Our Divine Download for March 23, 2023 is Fifth House/Passion from the Starcodes Astro Oracle Cards. The fifth house asks you to think about and consider your what you love and what you long for, those things that activate and excite your heart, and ask yourself what you love enough to share with the whole world. The fifth house asks you to believe in yourself and put this activated heart into action. Think of what activates the sparkly magic you feel when your artistic muse plays with you because the fifth house is also all about creativity. What can you create that brings you passion or that you are passionate about? What will you create? What are you passively creating in your life without any connection to or awareness of passion? (And how's that working for you?!) To nurture your inner spark, be playful, take advantage of a spontaneous moment, and let your imagination wander. The fifth house asks you to take a risk, and you may need to invest in materials and be disciplined to manifest your desires. The fifth house challenges you to bring your inner child out to play but watch that it doesn't get stuck in a self-centered place or swept up in the thrill of creation, consequences be damned. The gift of the fifth house is that it lets your light shine to allow your light to be a gift to all the world. Your guidance is to play, create, love, inspire, and be glorious. And so it is!

Your Angels will help remind you of your passions if you have become disconnected from them during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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