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Play Your Part in Prayer

Our Divine Download for November 2, 2020 is Charity/Prayer and Contemplation ("Connect with heaven. Ask and you shall receive.") and Paul the Venetian/Experiencing Grace ("Share your gifts with grace. Waves of inspiration and love are coming to you.") from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. So, you know the old adage "Ask and Ye Shall Receive?" There's a key part of that which we're currently missing: the asking part! Simple definitions of grace are courteous goodwill and unmerited mercy and this is not only what is waiting for us, but what we then have available to share with and bestow on others. But we've got to ask! Our Angels cannot just shower us with random blessing because that's just not how things work. We need to ask. We need to make the connection. And we are being guaranteed that we will receive. Now, we may not receive exactly what we ask for, but we may receive something even better! We need to be open and receptive to how our prayers are answered because the purpose of prayer is not to dictate to heaven how and when they serve us. Prayer is not a drive thru or short order window! The purpose of prayer is communion and connection and it is founded in partnership. Our role in that partnership is simply to ask. When we ask and have the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of the communion of heaven, we are blessed with our ability to share what receive and grace others with our experiences. That is our other role in our partnership with heaven. When we share openly, freely, and generously with those around us, we are then further blessed with gifts of love and inspiration. We ask. We receive. We give in grace. We receive. Thus completes the brilliant circle of prayer. When we get out of our own way and stay in our own way and simply stick to our role, it works like a finely oiled machine. It is only when we get obnoxiously specific about when and how and where our prayers will be answered that we clog up the wheels and the works. So start asking. And ask with a blessed and grateful heart. Give yourself and those around you the opportunity to experience even greater and more meaningful blessings.

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