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Plumb The Depths Of Your Emotions To Set Yourself Free

Our Divine Download for November 14, 2023 is New Moon In Scorpio/Go Deeper from the Moonology Manifestation Cards. Well, Scorpio certainly isn't playing with us this Scorpio season! Just days ago we were encouraged to plumb our emotions and reveal what needed to be seen, and now the new moon in Scorpio is telling us that we have to go deeper still. There is still too much pushed down, buried, and it isn't serving us. This has been a year of re-evaluation and release, and now we are being shown that it is time to release as many of our deeply held emotions as we possibly can. You are able. But are you willing? Are you willing to sit with the temporary discomfort of bringing up those deeply held emotions to realize that they no longer serve you, to feel your way through them, and simply let them go? It's okay if you're not. You may not be ready. But this card suggests that you are. And what's more, this card suggests that you should. It is far more uncomfortable in the long run to keep these emotions buried deeply and to be disconnected from what is in your depths, slowly letting it poison your every day life and being a slave to its influence. If that sounds like a good time to you, by all means, carry on. But if it doesn't, if you want more, if you want better, than you know what you must do. So often we become slaves to our deep held and deep seated emotions because we fail to honor them, we fail to even acknowledge them. So we are essentially making the decision to let something that we won't acknowledge and don't understand control us and influence our lives, often to a greater extent than which we are ever aware. So go deeper. Bring it up. Look at it. And let it go. There is so much wonderful comfort and freedom that awaits you once you do.

Our Angels understand that it can feel really scary and truly challenging to go deeper and look at our deepest, "darkest" emotions and they will reassure us that we are never alone in anything that we do and help us connect to their presence, guidance and support during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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