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Poised to Go The Distance

Our Divine Download for February 10, 2021 is Poised and Go the Distance from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. This is a message of celebration that all the hard work we've been doing, all of our experiences to date, have prepared us. They've prepared us well and for the long haul because we are now in the perfect position, ready, willing, and able to look towards the future and make meaningful long term plans, to go the distance. You are strong and have the necessary endurance to see all of your passion projects through over the long haul. When you are bringing your dream to life, it's necessary to think bigger picture and long term and not to buy into the fluctuations as energies in your current experience wax and wane. Both joy and disappointment coexist with opportunities for growth. You should be assured that you are ready for anything right now. You know what you need to do and you have the skills to sustain you on the next leg of your journey. You are on the precipice of a new phase of your life beginning, and you are facing this beginning armed with the wisdom and knowledge necessary to push you forward. This next stage of your life will be one in which you experience greater growth and greater success than you have in the past. You're confident and happy in your own skin, so you to take on the new relationships and experiences that will accompany this new phase you're entering into. You have every reason to be confident because you have everything you need to guarantee your future success. You're ready to step into you power and you can take meaningful future facing action from this place of certainty and connection. This next new phase of your life that you're moving into is all about your destiny. You are moving toward your destiny! You're poised and ready to allow that to unfold over this next stage of your life, no matter how long that takes because you know that you've got everything you need to ensure that it happens in the most magical aligned way possible. And that's a beautiful thing.

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