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Power Up Your Pause

Our Divine Download for March 10, 2023 is Pause/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. We live in a society that is production minded and activity based and pushes us to go, Go, GO! ALL of the time. But that doesn't work for us, and it isn't how we are meant to live. Our physical bodies aren't meant to support so much activity, and that is why we have such a state of dis-ease in our culture. We are pushing our bodies, our minds, and our spirits well past the breaking point, and sometimes past the point of no return. Our Guardian Angel is reminding us of the importance of taking breaks and the power of the pause. Pausing allows us to not only catch our breath, but to rest, reset, and regroup. Especially when things are not going as we want them to, or as we need them to, that is when we need to exercise the power of the pause the most. We often look at taking pause, or taking breaks, prioritizing rest, allowing ourselves time as a luxury, or even a form of weakness, when in reality it is one of our greatest flexes of strength. When we prioritize the pause, when we allow ourselves to experience the power of the pause, when we realize that we don't need to do all of the things and have all of the answers right now, right this very second, that is when we create space to allow things to balance our in our world and to allow the answers that we seek to come in to us. Try it. What can you push pause on in your life, even just for a couple of minutes? Where can you flex the power of the pause? Where have you been pushing where you need to prioritize the pause? Pause. Breathe. And experience your true power.

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