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Prioritize Fun With Friends

Our Divine Download for February 19, 2022 is Friendship/Support, Fun, Unity, Play from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. There's been so much focus on division and separateness for so long now, far too long really. Human beings are social animals and we are not meant to be separate from others. We all *NEED* the support, fun, unity, and play that go hand-in-hand with our friendships. We all *NEED* friendship! How have you been prioritizing your friendships lately? When was the last time you felt supported? When was the last time that you lent your support to another? When was the last time that you had some fun? When was the last time that you experienced unity? Have you ever? When was the last time you played? Do you even know what it means to you to play and have fun any more? If you don't know, or have to stop to think about the answers to any of those questions, it has been far too long and it is time. It is well past time for you to tap into and tune into the energy of friendship and all that has to offer. There is a powerful vibration that comes from a connection forged in a shared history, philosophy, and loving experiences. It is a palpable, but often unspoken union that brings deep feelings of support. The times when you share these magical vibrations, especially of fun and play, will spread the irresistible resonance of joy exponentially through your life and through the lives of the friends with whom you create this specific type of magic. You deserve to let go, to have fun, to come together with like-minded happy souls that uplift your energy and fill you with hope, comfort, laughter and bliss. Affirm: "I open myself to the supportive connections around me. I join in the fun and joy these loving friendships can bring." And so it is.

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