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Prioritize Rest & Sleep

Our Divine Download for March 27, 2023 is Surrender to Rest and Sleep from the Power of Surrender Oracle Cards. This card should be considered a warning and a direction that we *must* prioritize sleep and rest immediately in order to avoid burn out. We live in such a go-go-go, do-do-do type of society, that we almost feel embarrassed or shunned if we do need to take rest or choose to prioritize sleep. The reality is that we are human beings not human doings and we are not meant to be in such a constant state of activity. Right now, we have seen that we have abundance and success on their way to us, and as such, it may be that we need to rest a bit in order to be able to fully receive them. We're not missing anything when we rest or sleep, rather we are exactly where we are meant to be at the exact time that we are meant to be there and it is possible that we may even be avoiding catastrophe by being where we are and not somewhere else where we are not meant to be. What is for us will not pass us. Even if we are sleeping or resting. In a way, that makes it easier for our blessings to find us and land in our aura given that we are in a stationary spot and not running around like the proverbial chickens with their heads cut off, per usual. Make a commitment to yourself, to your health, to your well being that you will do one thing this week to prioritize rest and or sleep. You're worth it. And it's necessary.

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