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Prioritize Self-Care To Manage Your Stress

Our Divine Download for August 31, 2022 is Stress Management/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. Your angels are working with you to reduce the impact of stress. Now is the time to pay close attention to your divine guidance and actually follow it when you receive thoughts or feelings about taking a rest, exercising, changing your routine, and avoiding conflict. You need to both reduce stress in your life, as well as to manage the way it's affecting you. You may have to be assertive with people who are making requests of you right now in order to lessen the burden of stress in your life. Remember that "no" is a complete sentence and that it does not make you a bad person to say no to things that simply don't resonate with your current time or energy. Do not do anything out of guilt or obligation or it will simply increase your stress load and possibly cause resentments in your relationship dynamics which also adds to more stress. Only say yes to activities that you want to do, that bring you joy, or that you are able to do out of a space of loving service. Now is the time to avoid harsh environments, violent imagery, the media, and negative relationships. Face any situations that are worrying you head-on as it's better to make plans for dealing with problems rather than trying to deal with chaos and worry that stems from avoiding them. Your number one tip for managing stress right now is to take excellent care of yourself. Exercise. Get outside in nature. Eat healthy. Avoid harsh chemicals and substances. Prioritize getting enough sleep. Your angels also guide you to surround yourself with music, flowers, and loving relationships right now. Be sure to give any cares or needs to your guardian angels, and ask them to help you receive divine wisdom and guidance in dealing with stressful situations. Your angels can also help you to see the love and light within each situation so that your thoughts can remain peaceful rather than stressful.

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