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Promote The Positive

Our Divine Download for June 9, 2023 is Positive Energy from the Magical Messages From The Mermaids Oracle Cards. We hear it all the time: think positive, be positive, everything is positive, find the silver lining, etc., etc., etc. It's almost as though we live in a culture of toxic positivity where positive energy is allegedly the remedy for absolutely everything and we are most certainly discouraged from feeling our feelings, or at least only admitting to and sharing the positive ones. (Insert dramatic eye roll and sigh). It's great to be positive. It's helpful to be positive. And certainly, given the choice, it's better to surround ourselves with positive people, places, and things, than some of the less desirable options. The thing about true positivity, not just bs toxic positivity, is just like the image on the card, we sometimes have to seek it out. Sometimes it comes from the very depths of the darkest and even the most unsuspecting places. True positivity isn't just something that happens, it's something we have to commit ourselves to to make happen. But when we find it, even in the depths of the deepest, darkest depths, it is helpful to invite others to join us in that space, to share it when and where we can. It is far easier to seek out and share positivity than it is to avoid negativity. It's nearly impossible in this day and age to avoid negativity given the world that we live in. But when we seek out the positive, when we prioritize the positive, without sacrificing our true feelings, the law of attraction tells us that we will find more of what we focus on. Happy positivity hunting!

Negative energy can be stored in our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies when we ignore our emotions and don't give ourselves the grace and space to process them. Clear the negative energy out of your body with an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY:Book Your Session HERE!


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