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Put Down What You Don't Need

Our Divine Download for August 8, 2020 brings us the Waning Moon and asks "What do you need to release?" Loaded question for 1000! BUT, here's the thing: we ALL need to release some stuff. ALL of us. And usually it's more than just a little stuff. Every single one of us is walking around carrying burdens for others and picking up emotional stuff that doesn't belong to us left and right. And, subsequently, we're all beaten down and exhausted much of the time. It's not easy not to pick up everyone else's stuff when the collective energy of the world right no is doing such a darned good job of throwing their stuff around every single change they get. But, just because they're throwing it does not mean that we have to catch it and does not mean that we have to pick it up, put it on, and wear it even if we do happen to catch some of it. It does us no good to pick up, carry around, and wear other people's stuff. Even when it's big. Even when it's important. Even when it effects lots of other people. Be honest with yourself and know your limits. Know what you can and cannot carry. Know where you can and cannot effect influence and change. Today, take an honest inventory of everything you're carrying, especially everything that you feel burdened by. And, if it does not serve you to carry it, put it down. PUT. IT. DOWN. When you are overburdened and your load is too heavy it stops you from being effective at nearly everything that you try to do. Realize that one of the biggest acts of self care that you can do is to not carry things that don't belong to you, especially just because you think you "should." Just because you put something down because it's too heavy for you to carry right now, that does not mean that you cannot pick it up if it is lighter and easier to carry or there is more room for more things for you later. It isn't fashionable or necessary to carry burdens that are too heavy for us. It's actually an act of self harm. So start releasing. Start putting down those things that don't serve you right now. Start putting down those things that are too heavy for you right now. Start recognizing that anything that you carry, regardless of it's weight, is likely not meant to be carried forever. And put down, release those things that you need to release. Releasing is what's on the agenda today.

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