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Reach For the Stars

Our Divine Download for July 10, 2020 is Reach for the Stars/Orchid from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Dear ones, you've been playing small. You've been selling yourself short. You've been devaluing your worth. You've been settling for less than you deserve. Please, do not play small. Do not settle! You deserve the best. The BEST. You deserve to have all of your heart's desires. You deserve it all. But, when we focus on playing small or settling for lesser, or allowing ourselves to be treated as less than we are, we come into a pattern of sorts where we forget who we truly are and what we truly deserve. And that's no good. We need to focus our attention on what we want - everything we want. All of our big, bold, beautiful dreams and yearnings of our heart. We don't want to fall into and settle into the space of anything less. We don't want to be "making due" energetically! It's time for us to stretch and reach and grow. It's time for us to raise our vibration and our expectation. It's time for us to lift ourselves out of any patterns of less than or settling. It's time to connect back into the truth of who we really are, what we're truly worth, what we truly deserve. It's time for us to remember that when we truly want something, all of the world conspires to help us achieve it. It's time for us to reach for the stars and realize that the worst that will happen in doing so is we'll end up with hands full of star dust.

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