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Receive Good News From a Balanced Perspective

Our Divine Download for January 5, 2022 is Page of Cups and King of Swords from The Golden Girls Tarot Cards. In other tarot interpretations the page of cups is known as the page of hearts, page of water, page of summer, and page of Archangel Raphael, and the king of swords is known as the king of air, king of winter, king of Archangel Michael. Pages in tarot are bringers of messages and when the page of cups shows up it usually heralds positive news, pleasant surprises, and information which will just feel good to you emotionally speaking. The King of Swords is an intelligent type of guy and one who cautions you to be pragmatic and balance mental and emotional considerations. Sometimes he shows up to remind us that we cannot do everything alone and he encourages us to seek out professional help. Together these cards are letting us know that we have some wonderful feel-good news coming in, but are cautioning us to be pragmatic about how we proceed moving forward. We're being encouraged not to lose our heads or throw caution to the wind regardless of how exciting or amazing the message we receive is. What is meant for us will not miss us, regardless of how we proceed. There may also be some unprocessed emotions pertaining to an emotional disappointment past which is clouding our judgement, potentially causing us to be more pessimistic about the good news coming in for us that we should be. Make sure that your thoughts are based on current facts and coming from a place of balanced emotions and aren't being influenced by anything external or unprocessed. Take in this amazing news, get excited, but take a breath and proceed from a balanced and practical place before you act. You'll be glad that you did.

Unprocessed emotions can sneak up on us and settle into our bodies causing us to have disconnected emotional reactions, clouding our thought process and judgement. An Integrative Reiki Session can help us process and proceed through our lives with a balanced perspective and from a balanced place. Book Your Interactive Reiki Session Here: Book Your Session TODAY!


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