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Rediscover Your Fun, Reinvest In Your Hobbies

Our Divine Download for January 9, 2024 is Hobbies from The Butterfly Oracle. All work and no play makes you a dull girl/boy. Our butterflies are telling us in no uncertain terms that this is a year that we absolutely must prioritize our hobbies and having more fun. We may have given up our hobbies completely or lost touch with what it means to us to have fun at this point in our lives given everything that has transpired in the past few years. And that's okay. That just means that we need to meet ourselves where we are at and we get to rediscover what it means to us to have fun at this stage of our lives and where we want to put our energy when it comes to our hobbies. Just because we have been investing our energy in a certain hobby for a specific amount of time doesn't mean that we need to continue to do so if it does not feel in alignment with where we are at in our lives now, or where we want to go in our lives. We are past the point in our lives where we should be doing things just to go through the motions. It doesn't serve us, and it doesn't serve anyone else either. Because others can feel the energy of our commitment and investment. And the energy of merely going through the motions doesn't feel good to them either! So even if you feel like you "have" to do something because you've made a commitment, really evaluate if those are accurate statements of fact. More than likely they're not. Have some fun rediscovering which hobbies are fun to you and what feeds your soul at this juncture of your life.

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