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Release Your Negative Attachments

Our Divine Download for September 9, 2022 is Release from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. This card of release speaks to cutting a negative energetic attachment. You can have negative energetic attachments to people with whom you no longer have physical contact, and situations that happened many years prior. You can have negative attachments with people and situations with which you also have positive attachments. Sometimes (often) we can have negative attachments that we did not choose, or even aren't consciously aware of when others form those negative cords of attachment to us. Energy, like matter, cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be shifted and transmuted and we do not have to continue to live under the weight of these negative attachments any longer. Even issues or situations that you believe that you may have worked through, if they still carry an emotional charge for you, still hold a negative attachment. The healing process is almost never linear and has many layers. What or whom do you need to release? Why has it been important for you to continue to carry or hold on to these negative attachments? Know that when you choose to release negative attachments, when you choose to do the work of true release, you are doing this work for you and only for you, not for anyone else. Release like forgiveness is for you and about you and in no way condones negative behaviors and patterns of others. Archangel Michael is wonderful to work with for release work because he has a flaming sword of light to help sever any negative attachments which might need to be released. When you release that which it no longer serves you to carry, you become lighter and the true light of your beautiful inner being is able to shine in all of its technicolor glory. Release and shine beautiful one.

Certain negative attachments may require an Energetic Cord Cutting to release. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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