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Remember Who You Are & Of What You Are Made

Our Divine Download for September 11, 2023 is Remembrance/Rosemary from The Illustrated Herbiary. What a perfect card for a tough day in United States History. It is appropriate that we embrace remembrance of the things that have come before on this particular day. But it is also important that we lean into remembrance of all that came before, and so often we forget or we gloss over, or we ignore. Or we fail to embrace the full truth and scope of what happened. How can we remember if we do not acknowledge? How can we acknowledge if we do not remember? Everything that has happened thus far in our lives has happened in order to bring us to this exact point in our lives. We are exactly where we are meant to be, and who we are meant to be, at this exact moment in time. And that was all built on the backs of everything that happened preceding this very moment. We don't have to remember every single little thing that has every happened in our lives, but there are also some big things that have shaped us, some which were wonderful, some which were challenging, and in looking back at those events mindfully and with reverence, even appreciation, we can begin to realize that everything really did and really does happen for a reason. (Or we can realize that sometimes shit just happens and we get caught up in it, but still appreciate that it made us who and what we are today.) So focus not only on remembrance for those events that transpired on this day, but also set aside some time to do an overall remembrance of those events that have shaped your life as a whole. There is power in remembrance. The power to make you you!

Sometimes when we remember certain things that have happened to us in the past, they are still difficult and painful for us. When you think of something and it still holds an emotional charge for you years later, that is a sign that there are unhealthy and unprocessed energies within your body. Move and clear those energies during an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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