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Replace Worry With Wonder

Our Divine Download for March 8, 2024 is Wonder from the She Sirens Oracle. Wonder is something that we embrace as children, that lovely sense of curiosity that we all have about the world around us, but is SO lacking in our adult lives. Wonder is defined as a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable, or the desire to be curious to know about something. Often times as adults we replace wonder with worry, in other words we have the desire to know about something (usually the outcome of a situation) but rather than holding that desire in curiosity and allowing the situation to play out and unfold, we worry about and catastrophize all of the potential negative things that could happen that we really don't actually want to happen, which wipes away any sense of potential wonder that we could possibly have. The world we live in has its problems and its challenges, but it is also wonderful. When we invite curiosity into our lives, we bring back that child-like sense of wonder that makes it easier for us to tap into our own joy. Our worlds can be as wonderful and wonder-filled as we choose to make them, so invite curiosity and wonder to replace worry and fill your world up with as much wonder as you can possibly stand. Especially when you find yourself rolling down the road of worry, that is when you really want to train your brain to embrace curiosity to replace worry with wonder. Wonder what the worst that can happen is if you choose to make this mindful change and mindful choice?!

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