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Resist The Urge To Resist Resistance

Our Divine Download for August 30, 2023 is Resistance/Albertus Magnus from the Masters of Magic Oracle Cards. Albertus Magnus was a magician born in Germany around 1200. The positive meanings of this card are resistance, victory over problems, desire to make a statement, final decision. Potential negative meanings of this cards are competition, violence, conquered, fear, wrath, obstinancy, vendetta, or can indicate having a rival. This is a card of opportunity for it is letting you know that any resistance that you may encounter along your path right now is just a speed bump on your road to victory and success. Resistance is something that we can choose to handle in a number of different ways. When you meet with resistance, do you give up? Do you push back creating counter resistance? Do you go around the resistance and try to avoid it? Or do you just stand your ground and let the resistance find it's way to work around (or through you?) None of these are the right or wrong answers or methods, depending on what the resistance is and where you are at on the path of your own life. When you lead with determination and trust in yourself, your battle will have a happy ending. If you choose to engage in the battle at all. Because we simply are not required to show up to or for every single fight that we may be invited to. Sometimes we need to be faced with fear or even prejudice in order to give delicate matters the time and ability to sort themselves out without our direct involvement or interference. However you choose to handle the resistance, know that it is surely not a sign for you to give up. It's actually a sure fire sign of your impending success. And so it is!

Resistance can be one of the hardest things for us to endure as humans because our natural tendency is often to give up or to do anything and everything to avoid resistance. Our Angels will guide us down the path of peaceful resistance to further ensure our success during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY! Book Your Session HERE!


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