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Retreat to Surrender & Release

Our Divine Download for March 7, 2021 is Surrender & Release and Retreat from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. There is something that we are being asked to let go of. Something we are holding on to is taking up unnecessary space in our lives and it just isn't serving us anymore. When we turn our attention to the Angel on the Surrender & Release card, we see that she is holding a vase which is cracked and leaking and has a fairly substantial hole in it. It's no longer functional. But what stands out is how full that Angels arms are. She cannot possibly hold or pick up anything else, there's simply no room. And, it appears that it is taking up all of her attention to balance holding her broken jug. This is clearly a metaphor for something within our own lives. Perhaps it is a thing, perhaps it is a relationship. Perhaps it's several things or several relationships. Letting go of what no longer serves us is not easy, but it is so very necessary for our well-being and growth. We become conditioned to, and sometimes even addicted to holding and protecting all of our things and all of our people, even long past when they've worked or functioned within our own lives. Because it can be so challenging to make these choices and these changes, it can be helpful to give yourself some grace and some space within which to do so. Retreat may mean that you withdraw into yourself, your own life and your own space for a little while in order to figure out what functions and what does not. Retreat may simply mean that you disconnect from everything for a while and turn off your phone and your computer. Retreat can mean prioritizing rest and solitude and allowing yourself to receive more of each. Retreat can also mean perhaps you take a lil vacation, getaway, or break. Whatever this means for you right now, and however it is practically applicable in your life, this is what we are being guided to do. The beautiful part of this process is that once you make the decision to set down what is no longer working in your life, you free your arms to pick up and hold things that work so much better. It can be helpful not to focus on what you are setting down as you surrender & release, but the space that you are creating for all of the beautiful things that you will then be able to pick up.

Retreat can also look like self-care for many and Reiki can be a wonderfully relaxing and rebalancing form of self-care. Reiki can also create more space within your physical and energetic bodies by clearing and removing blocks which may create additional challenge or friction to release & surrender.


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