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Review Your 2022

Our Divine Download for December 30, 2022 is Memories from the Butterfly Oracle For Life Changes Cards. What a serendipitous card as we prepare to close out 2022! We're being guided by our butterfly friends to review our 2022 today in order to ascertain what did and did not work well for us. While we do this review and we re-evaluate (especially since Mercury retrograded yesterday and we know how powerful that is for all re-themed things), we are also being reminded not to romanticize the past in either direction, but rather to take a more pragmatic approach to our review and analysis of our year. This past year was neither the best of times nor the worst of times in most cases. When we can hold an objective view of our experiences this year we empower ourselves to be able to take action steps where necessary to tweak our 2023 in the areas and directions that will better align with our goals and support better more balanced experiences. As you look back on the memories from this year, notice if they are also tied to any other memories from your past. If so, it may be necessary for you to lean into some of those memories and feel the feelings associated with them in order to stop attracting those same or similar circumstances into your life. There has been a big theme of release during 2022 and that will continue as we close out the year and enter 2023 as well. Honor yourself and the experiences of your memories. But also be willing to take action towards making new memories, especially the types of memories that you WANT to make and have in your life as you review. Manifest your best 2023 by reviewing your 2022 memories in this way.

When we can't seem to shake the emotional attachment to some of our memories, it may be necessary for an Energetic Cord Cutting in order to cut the negative cords off attachment to certain experiences, places, or even people. Cutting the negative energetic cords will only serve to enhance the positive attachments that you have with the people in your life. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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