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Right Timing Will Guide Your Flight

Our Divine Download for July 5, 2022 is Scared to Fly from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle focused on The right moment, and sensing out the right timing. This card is an indicator card and that indication is that it is almost time and you must be ready for when the timing is right. You will receive an energetic sign when it is time to act, and you are being guided to simply hold on and prepare until then. When the right timing comes, being willing to notice and follow your magical energetic sign and take flight will keep you in the divine flow of energy in the universe and your taking flight will create a ripple effect, activating change. When you do this at the right time, all will be will and the seasons will continue turning. When you do not wait for the heralded energetic sign, when yo do not listen to and trust yourself and the universe, or worse yet, when you allow the thoughts and opinions of others to shape your decision on action and timing, that is when things fall out of alignment and timing gets wonky and things simply do not work or flow as easily. When you wait for the time to be right, which has seemingly been a challenge for many throughout 2022, you will affect change. Your energy itself will change the situation and your reaction is a validation of your great wisdom. It is hard not to react and it is hard to trust - VERY HARD. Don't underestimate the challenge of this card. But to wait for the right time is not passive as it requires thinking and challenging the conditioning that claims that only by rushing in can we activate our own impact and energy within a situation. There is a wisdom you are being asked to demonstrate which is unlike that which the world generally recognizes or respects, but it is the strength, and the power of endurance because internally there is great pressure to be active in an obvious external way to create change. Your challenge is for inner mastery through demonstrating patience.

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