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Rise Above It - Just Rise!

Our Divine Download for August 18, 2021 is Mazu/Ascension from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. Chinese goddess of the sea Mazu holds a lantern because she guides sailors home from rocky oceans. In the same way, she is guiding you to rise above the chaos of your life and current situation in order to help you find your way back to your true self. What chaos have you allowed to distract you from your true self? Which situations have caused you to divorce or separate from who you truly are? Allow Mazu to shine her light on your life and your situation, magnifying anything that has served as a distraction from your true life purpose. Are you willing to make adjustments and changes in these spaces to allow more authenticity and connection to self to exist in your life? Or, is the chaos serving you in some way? Are the situations in your life manufactured by yourself or others in order to keep you from your authentic self and your true life purpose? Although Mazu holds the light, only you know the answers to these questions, just as only you can decide to make changes if you do not like some of these answers. Mazu guides sailors home, and she can guide you home as well, back to your heart, your truth, the center of your being. But she can only guide you if you want to go. She will only work with the willing, and can only help if you ask. You're being asked to rise above certain circumstances in your life because Mazu is here to help you rise and ascend into the best possible version of yourself. You know what has to go, and what has to give in your life in order for that to happen. Are you willing to rise up and allow your best self and your best life to take shape?

It's not always easy to rise above certain situations or life circumstances. Our Angels can help us do that by helping shift perspective so that we don't feel as though we are "losing" anything or being taken advantage of within certain dynamics or situations. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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