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Rise Up From Lower Energies

Our Divine Download for September 24, 2023 is Fire Dragon (Burns up the lower energies around you) and Air Dragon (Helps you rise above earthly matters) from the Dragon Oracle Cards. In tarot, fire and air are the two fastest moving elements, so not only do we know that things are about to get moving in the best possible way, but we know that they're about to get moving relatively quickly. When you think about working with the Fire Dragon to burn up the lower energies around you, really take inventory of everything in your life ask honestly assess what does and does not serve you any longer. Anything that doesn't, well, it's time to light it up and burn it out. It has no purpose for you and it will not benefit you to hold on to whatever it is. It needs to be transmuted so that other, better, more suitable things are able to take up the space that has previously been help by these things of which we speak. The Air Dragon really wants to work with you on your thinking to help you rise above earthly matters. Because what actually matters? Air is a cerebral energy meaning that it has to deal with our thinking, our over thinking, and our stinkin' thinkin'. The Air Dragon will help you prioritize what is and is not actually important enough to hold space in your precious head, and whatever isn't, well, it's time to let it go and rise above it (or to allow the Fire Dragon to do his thing and transmute it!). Anyone you slice it, anyway that you go, this is a wonderful pair of dragons to be working with and some lovely energy to help you make positive changes in your life.

It can be hard to accurately inventory or assess what is and is not serving us in our lives as well as what is and isn't important enough to put the energy of our thoughts behind. Our Angels will help us do both during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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