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Safety In Numbers

Our Divine Download for July 17, 2020 is Feeling Safe from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. For SO very many reasons, many of us haven't felt safe for months. We might not even remember what it means to feel safe, what that looks like. It's time to breathe that out. Seriously, right here, right now, take a big, deep, breath and breathe out any and all questions, uncertainties, worries - anything and everything that is leading you to feel unsafe. Breathe it out, and let it go. Just for right now, just for this moment. Heaven is aware of our feelings, and they are alerting us that multitudes of heavenly beings are here for us right now to guide us and protect us. You can even see some of them in the image on the card. Our thoughts of dangers, seen and unseen, are triggering our feelings of vulnerability and blocking our feelings of safety. We've given our power over to an outside energy or entity and in doing so feel powerless and out of control. The only power that anything outside of us has over us is the power that we give it, that we attribute to it. All of the power of the Universe is within you and all of the Universe is available to guide and protect you. There is no disconnect. There is no us vs. them. We are all one. You have the power to create security. You have the power to make the decision to feel safe. Of course, all of this is often easier said than done, especially in globally uncertain times, especially when the media seemingly conspires to breed fear and disempower . Utilize the Affirmation "I am safe. I am secure. I am completely protected at all times." Because you are. #truth

The Hear This Well...From Fearful to Fabulous and Triple T - Timely Transformation themes Terrific Two-fer Special is the perfect reading when you are struggling to let go of fear or feeling in any way unsafe. It offers SO much reassurance and direction and is a valuable tool to dispel some or all of your fear, when you are ready to let it go! Book this Session Here!

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