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Sanctify Your Home

Our Divine Download for September 18, 2020 is Home from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Our homes should be our castle, our places of respite and retreat where we go to recharge after doing battle with the outer world. This is more necessary now than it ever has been. We in the Northern Hemisphere are heading into the fall and winter seasons where we are naturally drawn, and frequently weather forced, to retreat further into the sanctuary of our homes. We're being guided that this time of retreat is coming and encouraged to breathe fresh new life into our homes by enhancing the ambiance with peace, warmth, and happiness. What can you do to energize your home right now? When was the last time that you checked in with your home to see what she wanted or needed? Do you treat your living space like a living, breathing, thriving entity, or is it just a house or space? Home can feel like a place of harshness and coldness when we do not take the time to relate directly to her and care for her properly. She can sense and feel the vibrations of the people and the dynamics who exist and live within her, and she always participates accordingly. You choose how that will look, and how it will feel. And you can choose to change it if you don't like how it looks or how it feels! You are being called on to take meaningful action steps at this time to change anything and everything that doesn't feel comfy and cozy, and well homey, within your home. We're done with the "I'll just live with it" portion of the program! Meaningful action steps can include, but are not limited to: resolving any lingering conflict between family members, putting necessary and essential boundaries in place, clearing clutter (we did just see another message about this recently...!), removing any objects which hold negative associations or attachments, using energy and your magic to clear your space and make it your own, redecorating, using Feng Shui to balance out any areas that still might feel challenging or any energetic trouble spots, or selling your house and moving if you no longer resonate with the space that you are in. There are always steps that you can take to make your house more Homey (even when your living space isn't an actual house!) Do those things that feel good. It's time to fortify your sanctuary!

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