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See & Be Seen Through The Eyes Of Love

Our Divine Download for May 24, 2024 is Witness/I Am Fully Seen from The Mary Magdalene Oracle. It is SO very rare in our society for us to feel truly seen by another person, and it is one of the biggest blessings that we can give or receive: to see someone in all the glory of the spiritual truth of who they truly are. It's a miracle and mystery what allows one person to truly see another. The reciprocity of this full vision, seeing and being seen by another is sacred and blessed. You can't force yourself to see someone entirely for all that they are. It's a moment that exists in soul time. And the reciprocity of this full vision requires that we reveal our truest self (which is not always easy and does not always feel particularly safe). We can't be fully witnessed by someone, regardless of who they are, unless we are fully revealing all that we are. It is a rare and holy moment. It's a diamond that's finally made visible after years and years of pressure in the dark. In Sanskrit, the word darshan means to see and be fully seen by god. This form of witnessing perhaps unfold only when we meet someone we can fully reveal ourselves to. This moment of witnessing is only made possibly because of love; it's a love that refuses to look away, a love that remains through the dark, through death. Ask yourself what aspect of your soul are you ready to witness and reveal? And remember, love is the path to sight and being seen.

Sometimes we come from backgrounds where we had to be small to play safe and not be fully see and if those patterns are still negatively affecting us today, an Energetic Cord Cutting will free us of all negative energetic cords of attachment so that we can live our most visible and healthiest life. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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