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See With Insight And Intuition

Our Divine Download for July 17, 2022 is Insight/Azurite from the Crystal Ally Cards. Not everything in our world can be seen or perceived through our physical eyes. We obtain so much more information through our insight or intuition, Azurite appears for us now to remind us to utilize our insight in order to perceive the true nature of our situation. If we continue to look on the surface, rather than connecting with our more intuitive sense and knowing, there may be something that he have been missing that we will continue to miss. Azurite will help you to turn your energy within so that you are better able to penetrate the surface appearances of any particular issues or situations, so that you are able to truly see the foundational issues and what is creating and maintaining them. Azurite also helps you to allow your intuition to guide you. When we close our physical eyes, we are able to see with our mind's eye and Azurite will help us trust what we see from a deep place of inner knowing and connection. Azurite is telling you to become aware of the subtle energies at work, and to open yourself up to intuitive guidance on how to proceed. Especially in situations where you are dealing with people or in situations where everyone is not acting with integrity, Azurite will act as our spiritual flashlight, shining it's energetic illumination ans insight wherever you need to focus your attention. Azurite is a wonderful meditation partner in this way at times when you may be involved in these types of dynamics. Affirm: I am guided to perceive the true nature of reality.

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