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See Your Magic In The Mirror

Our Divine Download for April 11, 2022 is Magician And The Mirror from the Energy Oracle Cards. This is your reminder to remember exactly who in the heck you are. Who you truly are. Not the version who others assign you to be due to their own perceptions or comfort levels. The Magician And The Mirror is all about knowing and using your own true power. All of it. Not just some of it. And not only when it's convenient. But all of the time. You are coming into a transformative and powerful time. You are the alchemist of your life and you are ready, willing, and able to turn your difficulties into great blessings. This is true in every area of your life. Not just some. Not just some of the time. It is time for you to claim your power and embrace your intentions in your heart as you live them out through the actions that you take in your daily life. When you choose to direct your own destiny, the mists of the future clear to reveal a new reality. You have the power within you, you've actually had it all along. It is time now for you to recognize that power and for you to take the action steps towards claiming it. Do not miss these great opportunities. You absolutely do have the power to transform things for yourself - the create the newness that you crave in your life. Do not be resistant to or disbelieve the unlimited power which lies untapped within you. This is your wake-up call and it is time to make up from misinformation about your true nature that has lead to limiting beliefs about your own abilities as you will no longer be sustained by this errant information. Now is the time to dig deep to find the confidence and courage within to make the most of this opportune cycle. Affirm: "I have all the power I need to create the destiny I desire. Magic happens when I live in consciousness and my eternal truth." And so it is!