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See Yourself as Your Truly Are

Our Divine Download for June 21, 2021 is Step Up to Sovereignty/Lapis Lazuli from The Illustrated Crystallary. We've been so busy creating our futures and creating space for what is to come that we have forgotten who we are, we have ignored our own sovereignty. What the heck is sovereignty? "supreme power or authority," "the authority of a state to govern itself or another state," "a self-governing state." Sovereignty is all about relationships really, and in this case, it is mostly our relationship with ourselves that has been forgotten or neglected, or in which we are not fully realizing, or possibly even denying our own sovereignty. Lapis is here to help us remember exactly who we are. Lapis reminds us that no matter who you are, or what you do, you are a care-taker of yourself, those around you, and the Earth herself. You are a care-taker of YOURSELF. What kind of care are you taking of yourself? Are you treating yourself like the all powerful royalty that you are? Are you feeding your physical body with nutritious foods and allowing your body to rest when it is tired? Are you making time and space for your emotional body to express and balance as it needs to? Are you feeding your spiritual body what it needs in order to not just survive, but thrive? If we do not want other people to forget or ignore our sovereignty, and possibly treat us in a lesser manner than we desire or we deserve, than we need to treat ourselves as sovereign as well. We need to create the space and time to care for our whole selves as the magical, sovereign beings that we are. No excuses. That is the priority. Lapis will help us remember who we are, and will also help us lengthen our spine and find our voice, but in return, she expects our actions to match our regal bearings. This isn't about acting in a manner that suggests that we are somehow better or more important to others, but rather, this is about recognizing the depths of our own inner truths. In order to speak the truth, we must first know the truth. And we cannot possibly know the truth about anything or anyone else, if we do not first take the time to know ourselves for who we truly are.

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