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Serve Your Way To Success

Our Divine Download for June 9, 2024 is Service from The Animal Apothecary. The image of this card is of seeing eye dog, which exemplifies the concept of selfless service as they dedicate their entire existence to being guides for others. When seeing eye dog is assisting a bling person, their purpose becomes one. The oneness reflects what the world is in dire need of: service. Second to suffering, service is the best best vehicle to tame the ego, jump-start your growth, blossom into yourself, and get over a painful experience. The Wounded Healer (Chiron in astrology) speaks of a person who becomes healed by being of service to others. When receiving the medicine of the seeing eye dog, you understand that service will always lead to some form of success. This not the superficial understanding of material success, which is based on popularity, looks, status, or the amount of money in your bank account. Long-lasting and eternal success create an energy that can never be destroyed. This is the energy that is created when we are of service to others - everlasting spiritual wealth. Service is a conductor of blessing both in this life and the hereafter. It acts as a magnet for profound personal blessings and eternal success. When we are truly selfless, we begin to align with the nature of our existence. We recognize that we are all connected and essentially the entirety of the multiple universe and ourselves are all one. This harmony with reality attracts hidden gifts produced by our alignments. Seeing Eye Dog's medicine shares that a blessing is approaching through your selfless acts. Dedicate yourself to some form of service to another. Your acts of service will be felt and noticed; success will follow. Seeing Eye Dog's medicine is to help yourself by helping another.

A Karuna Reiki Session is a wonderful way to give yourself an act of service which will create a chain reaction of compassionate action which will allow you to be better able to serve others. Schedule Your Karuna Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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