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Share Your Destiny By Knowing Your Cycles

Our Divine Download for July 24, 2022 is Crocus/Shared Destiny from the Flowers of Love Oracle Cards. Crocus speaks of reconciliation, happy love, erotic passion, marriage, a reassuring and lasting relationship, a union which also has economic and financial advantage, equal sharing of rights and duties, material and emotional support, protection, understanding, harmony, complicity, and intimacy. Phew. Who knew SO much meaning could be connected to lil old crocuses? Crocuses are one of the very first flowers that we see as we come out of winter and head towards the spring time, and they come up to let us know that although things may have appeared to have been dormant over the winter time, there were in fact latent cycles of growth occurring which are now ready to make their appearance in your life. Crocus encourages you to stick with your partner through thick and thin and assures you that they will do the same for you. Crocus also reminds you to tune into your own cycles because only you truly know when it may be the best time to take rest, and when it is the best time for you to put yourself out there and get growing. When you best know yourself and your own cycles, you can best meet your perfect partner where they are at in their own cycles within all of your relationships. Crocus also reminds you that you are a spiritual teacher, and just like cycles of growth and rest, there are also cycles within your own life when you will act as teacher and where you will will learn as student. In all of our balanced, soul mate vibe, karmic relationships, there will be times where we will be student and teacher. Knowing which cycle you are in and which cycle your partner is in can also help you grow separately and together within the dynamic of your relationships.

Crocus is all about cycles and balance to allow you to have meaningful and wonderful relationships. There is no better way to restore balance within your body than with an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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