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Shine On

Our Divine Download for October 14, 2021 is Be A Beacon "Be an inspiration. Light the way for others." from The Magic of Unicorns Cards. You are a natural leader, whether or not you believe that you are. Part of your life purpose is to bring the light to others, which is why you are living during a time of some darkness. You have to passion, power, and perspective to shine your light like a beacon to inspire others even when it feels quite dark to you. You know that it is never truly dark, nor are you ever truly alone, because you are intimately connected to your spiritual support team and all of the light that they bring. When you are feeling encumbered by or suffocated by the darkness of this world, ask your guides to shine their lights brightly for you to see and to reignite your own inner light. You hold within your energy field the keys and codes of knowledge, wisdom, and information that you have gathered through your lifetimes along your soul journey. You do not need to be consciously aware of how this information reaches out to others awakening their gifts and illuminating their paths. Your job is simply to keep your light shining as brightly as possible by practicing whatever self care is necessary to facilitate your life purpose as a bringer of the light. You must tend to yourself before you can shine your light for others. Self care is never selfish. Challenge yourself to really up the anti on your self care to see if your light naturally glows that much brighter and that much stronger when you do. Challenge yourself to actively be a beacon of light for others as often as you can without draining your own battery. Prioritize connecting to, being in, and sharing the big, bold, beautiful light.

We may need an energy tune up from time to time to keep our light shining as brightly as it possibly can. An Integrative Reiki Session is the perfect way to balance and tune up your energy. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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