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Shine Your Light for Peace

Our Divine Download for August 12, 2021 is The Angel of Light with the message "The divine light of my Soul flows through my being right now." and The Angel of Peace with our reminder "I am infinite peace." from the Angel Meditations Deck. We're being reminded and directed once again that everything we want or need in our lives is already within us and our only challenge or obstacle is connecting with it. When you feel as though the outer world is dark and heavy and scary and sad, that is when you are being directed to find the peace that lives within you and tap into the light that shines brightly and inherently in your soul. The essence and the truth of who you are is light. Your natural state of being is in joy and at peace. What external things are you allowing to block your joy and your peace? Are you allowing anything or anyone to rob you of your peace? What can you do in order to tune into your infinite peace and remain in a peaceful state of being? Can you see your inner light (it's blindingly beautiful!)? Imagine if more of us tapped into and tuned into our inner light just how much light we would bring to the world by simply being ourselves and allowing ourselves to express the truth of who we really are. So many of our cards this past week has asked us to focus on and recognize the truth of our inner world, to tune back into our natural state of being, and this is no different. Being "connected" to and plugged into the outer world certainly doesn't seem to be working all that well for most of us, so why not prioritize more inner time, more inner connection. Why not strive for a more authentic, connected way of being, way of living? Challenge yourself to spend some time with you, shine that inner light, connect with that inner knowing, experience that inner joy. See if you can turn it up and out. Ask yourself how you can allow the essence of all of your inner truths to shine more brightly, more often, so that it's simply second nature for you to be in this state of truth and love and light. It all starts by taking the time and setting the intention. What have you got to lose? You've got everything to gain!

External energies can absolute create a barrier when they settle in our bodies blocking both our light and our peace. An Integrative Reiki Session can remove and release those external energies, making it easier to connect with ourselves more fully. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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