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Shine Your Light to Shed Toxic Energies

Our Divine Download for April 18, 2023 is Fern from The Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Ferns usually begin to sprout in the early days of spring by breaking through the damp, hard, packed winter soil. At first, they are curled inward and compact until they free themselves from the constriction around them. But once they rise above the heaviness and darkness, they will unravel and expand into the world. The Fern card is an indication that you have some lower vibrations swirling around you in your life that are making it more challenging for you to break through the damp hard soil towards your own necessary growth and expansion. It's easy to get trapped in lower vibrational energies, especially when that is what you know, or what you have always experienced from certain people or within certain dynamics. But you are an enlightened soul and can rise above through the negativity and the stagnation, even if it feels difficult or seems challenging to do so. Fern guides us to read for the light, even when it feels like there is only darkness surrounding you. Meet negativity with high-vibrational energies like compassion, curiosity, and empathy. Staying in your own light helps others remember their own.

When we are struggling to grow, our physical bodies can become frustrated and experience dis-ease. An Integrative Reiki Session will help balance our energies and remove energetic blockages and barriers to allow us to stretch and grow to our fullest potential. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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