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Smoother Roads Lay Ahead

Our Divine Download for March 23, 2024 is Your Path May Be Bumpy, But This Will Alter Soon from The Healing Spirits Oracle Cards. We all know that things don't always go as planned and that the past several years that seems to have been the case more often than not. But this is putting you on notice that just in case you haven't yet noticed all of the seemingly little or small ways that your path is becoming clearer and smoother, a bigger, bolder breakthrough is on the horizon for you soon. It isn't that there won't ever be bumps in our paths, or waves threatening to take us under, but this is to say that it won't always be as it was. In fact, given some of the planetary transits of recent months, it is safe to say that things won't ever be as they were again. This is doubly true because we have shifted and changed and in doing so, we are not the same people that we were before, so we therefore cannot experience things as we have before because we have grown, evolved, and changed, and now possess different skills than we have in the past. Take heart because this is a sure sign that easier, smoother, better times are ahead for us. It's time for us to alter our lens of perception in order to be on the lookout for those sometimes subtle shifts and changes that can herald bigger overall change, smoother roads, smoother sailing, and smaller waves that don't pack the same power or punch to pull us under water emotionally in the same way. Have hope, because in universal time, soon is now.

When things have been challenging for us for a lengthy period of time, even when things have started shifting in a better direction, the residual energies of those struggles can still linger in our physical and energetic bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session can cleanse, balance, and release some of those tough energies to allow us to enjoy the upcoming smoother roads with greater ease. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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