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Solitude in Style

Our Divine Download for September 16, 2020 is Solitude from the Message from the Mermaids Oracle Cards with the message "Take time to retreat from the world. Go inwards and explore your inner-space to reveal the treasures therein. It's okay to be reclusive or solitary sometimes." Alone time is the best medicine right now. Moments and times of solitude don't mean that you're anti-social or some type of recluse, but it shows that you honor yourself enough to enjoy your own space. Solitary focused crafts and hobbies give you the added bonus of allowing you to be creative and productive while enjoying the pleasure of your own company. Those who live with others may have felt or still feel trapped and not able to cultivate enough needed space to grown and thrive, or even gather our own thoughts due to recent events. Those who live alone may have felt an over abundance of solitary time during shelter in place orders. But what was the quality of that solitude? Did you choose to value and enjoy your own company? Did you tune in to what you truly felt and needed? Or were you simply alone and distracted by social media and television and other mental static building activities? It is possible to be alone and not remotely connected to or engaged with self. Perhaps these lessons, these practices, this balance, is one of the areas on which we've been guided to focus. This card is encouraging us, regardless of past and recent past, and current circumstances, to find that balance. That healthy balance between spending time with others, and engaging in active healthy solitude in order to give us space to catch our spiritual breath, is so very important, especially right now. Achieving this balance is not only a healthy way of being, but it allows us to keep our thoughts and feelings in proper perspective. Healthy perspective is a natural bi-product of appropriate solitude. There are always ways to cultivate necessary time and space for solitude, regardless of your circumstances, just as there are always ways, even now, to experience necessary time and engagement with others. Strive for this beautiful and necessary balance in your life. It will sustain you.

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