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Speak Love

Our Divine Download for April 3, 2021 is Share The Message of Love/Daffodil from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. What are you talking about? No, really, YOU! What are YOU talking about? When you speak, are you speaking from a place of love? Are you extolling all of the things that you love in your life? Or, are you maybe only speaking about certain, ahem, other things? Like those things you don't like. And all of those things you want to change. And everything that you don't feel is in alignment in your life right now. And how's that working for you?! How's it working for everyone around you and everyone you're speaking with?! Daffodil puts us on notice that it is time for us to be mindful of what we're speaking about. Daffodil puts us on notice that it's also time for us to take responsibility for the things that we're speaking about. I've heard parents ask their toddlers and preschoolers who they're trying to teach appropriateness and politeness to think about whether something is hurtful or helpful before they speak. Whoa. What if we ALL did that?! Even when we have a need to convey challenging information or information which won't necessarily be perceived in a loving way, there is always a way to speak with love. Intention is so very powerful, once of our super powers in fact. But how much of what you normally say, would you choose not to, because it doesn't pass the love litmus test? Then why are you saying those things?! Why are you putting them out there in the world either for yourself or for anyone else? Challenge yourself to go one who day without saying a single negative or unloving thing. How long do you think you can make it into the day? Can you go a whole day? What about a week? Because we live in an instant gratification society, we can erroneously believe that we must communicate every thought and every feeling we have to everyone all of the time. Not so much! Sometimes we also fall into the pattern of communicating about our challenging and uncomfortable emotions because we think if we put them out of us by speaking about them that we won't have to deal with them. Not so much. Because more often than not when we sit with our challenging and uncomfortable emotions, and actually allow them to simply be, this is where we also transform them. So check yourself. How and what are you communicating? Challenge yourself to share the message of love more often than not. Because the greatest power exists here!

Sometimes in order to be able to speak in a kind and loving manner about ourselves and others, we may need to re-frame some or our thoughts, or even some of our past experiences. Our Angels and Guides are master re-framers! Allow them to assist you with this re-frame and to provide you with simple spiritual action steps to clear any possible throat chakra blocks or issues in a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your session today: Book Your Session Here!


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