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Spread Your Wings to Receive

Our Divine Download for January 7, 2022 is Windfall from the Butterfly Oracle Cards. This is your guarantee, yes guarantee, that there is a positive change in your finances heading your way. Even if this is unexpected, your new-found abundance serves a purpose in your life. You are meant to live an abundant and prosperous life. This is your affirmation that your prayers for support, especially financial support have been heard and answered. Once this windfall comes in to you, it is your job, your mission, your cosmic assignment to utilize this prosperity in the most beneficial way. Do not indulge in distractions or squander your resources. Invest in yourself, your life purpose, your future. You have access to divine wisdom to guide your financial decisions and investments so that they will continue to support you not just now, or in the short term, but indefinitely. Do not allow fluctuations in your finances or financial health to cause you stress. You have the power to be at peace no matter what is going on around you and financial stress often leads to poverty consciousness. The more peaceful you can be, the more you will easily attract all that you need. It is time for you to spread your wings so that your dreams can easily take flight on the back of this influx of prosperity and abundance. Consider paying off financial or energetic debts, or at least make a solid, realistic plan to do so in order to make space for this new influx of abundance. Commit to yourself and make sure that your spending and savings habits represent how and who you want to be financially speaking, not just how and who you currently are. Spread your arms just as wide as the butterfly on this card spreads her wings and learn how to receive from the universe. There is great balance and great power in receiving.

Finances, debt, spending habits, and receptivity can be challenging and stressful for many people. Our Angels will offer simple, easy to follow action steps to help bring us better balance in these areas during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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