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Start Small For Amazing Powerful Potential

Our Divine Download for June 8, 2022 is Fir Club Moss from The Druid Plant Oracle. Fir Club Moss embodies the energies of initiation, beginnings, power, letting go, ending, and premature conclusion - it is all about cycles and timing. Fir Club Moss also reminds us that size isn't everything and this may bring you the awareness that something small, and even seemingly insignificant has entered your life which may prove to be very powerful. Fir Club Moss can actually be used to start a fire in the wild (so there's a thing you know now!) and as such is seen as a particularly potent and powerful omen for anything that you are beginning or initiating at this time. Fir Club Moss also reminds you not to be dismayed or discouraged by alleged humbles beginnings because with patience things that may appear small can grow literally beyond your wildest dreams over time and through consistent action and attention. This is especially true for spiritual endeavors or initiations because so often we believe that simply by taking that first step that we will have dramatic mystical experiences and we forget that often within all of our experiences great power lies within the mere beginnings. Fir Club Moss also suggests that it is possible that you are now finally starting to see clearly because up until this point your understand or perspective of a situation has been impaired in some way, possibly through the lack of emotional distance. If your greatest power lies in merely starting something, what in the world are you waiting for?!

New beginnings and the endings that often precede them can be jarring to our fragile human sensibilities and it can be difficult or even feel impossible to see clearly where we should begin again and what our next first steps should be. Our Angels will encourage this clarity within us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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