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Stay Vigilant in Your Connection

Our Divine Download for March 24, 2021 is Walrus from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards. Our Walrus friend reminds us to stay vigilant within our current situation by paying attention to our guides and the signs. We are being reminded to make our decisions and our choices based upon the connected guidance that we are being given through the signs and our guides. This also encourages us to sort of tune out from the suggestions and advice of other people, in order to better tune into ourselves and our divinely inspired personal guidance. Grounding ourselves through a connection with Earth and interacting with water can also help us to tune into our connection with the divine and be better able to go with the flow when it comes to connecting and following our guidance. Remaining vigilant is not the same as being hyper-vigilant. It is not necessary to be overly alert, and it is imperative that we not be in or allow in worry energy as that actually causes our vigilance to dwindle. When we're in a connected place, awareness comes naturally. Walrus isn't concerned about what may happen, because he maintains a steady awareness and has confidence in himself that he will be guided to move and act when necessary. The same is true for us. When we intend to remain connected and aware, we don't have to worry about what's coming. We can lean into trust that we will be alerted and guided in plenty of time to follow our guidance and avoid any danger or disaster. Walrus also doesn't move just for the sake of movement. In his centered and connected way, he knows that it is possible to stay vigilant from a place of rest, and that can even include basking on a rock in the sun. So you can take a page out of Walrus's playbook and remain vigilant while in a state of rest or even play. True connection does not leave us and our guidance will not fail us if we are engaging in activities other than extreme vigilance. Our guides will always find ways to offer signs and omens and help us to move in the way that is for our greatest and highest good.

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