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Stop Pushing!

Our Divine Download for May 5, 2021 is Sapphire/Easy Does It from the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards with the message "Your health, happiness, and abundance require a gentle approach to life and work." Yesterday's message was all about managing our busy, and today's message is asking us to take it easy - huh, isn't that interesting! So obviously, busy is not the way to be. Busy can sometimes equate with pushing forward on things that could very well wait until a later date in time (or even do not need to be done or addressed at all). When we push, we are actually going against the natural order and flow of things. But, when we take it easy, and embrace and embody a gentler approach, we tend to find that things work and flow much, much better. Wherever you are experiencing blocks or stagnation in your life, be it health, relationships, work, finances, stop and ask yourself if you're pushing. Look at where you can employ an easier, simpler approach. There is this on-going misperception in our culture that things have to be hard, and that we have to push. It's not true! That which is meant for you will be for you whether you push or you take an easier approach. That which is meant for you will not miss you because you choose to go with the flow! We're such a pushy type of people that we can forget what it means to be gentle, to be easy, not to push. What does it mean to take a gentle approach? What does it look like to be gentle with yourself? Can you be okay not pushing and allowing things to flow? Sapphire supports our quest for a gentler, easier approach. Easy does it is the way to do it!

When you are having a difficult time letting go of the struggle and surrendering the idea that you have to push so hard in order to get anything done, it may be time to call in your Angels and let them show you how to be gentle with yourself and where you can allow easier flow in your life. They will do just that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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