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Strive For Needed R & R

Our Divine Download for March 22, 2021 is Goose from the Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards. If you've been waddling around aimlessly, feeling like you're just not accomplishing anything, that's because it's time for some rest! It's time to take a break. You need to heal and recuperate before you can keep pushing ahead. It's not the time to push. It's not the time to strive. Geese are quite adept at knowing the cycles and seasons for the timing of things. They don't consult a calendar before they know it's time to fly south for the winter for a little R & R. They listen to their bodies and they trust their instincts. And it always works out for them doing so, each and every time. They know when to move. They know when to take flight. They know when to keep swimming. Because their bodies and their connection with the natural cycles of nature and the natural order of the Universe tell them. We're encouraged to be a little bit more goose-like in our connection to our own bodies, and to actually *listen* to what our bodies are telling us. Goose also encourages us to foster our connection to the rhythms of nature and allow ourselves the grace and space to allow our bodies to follow the nature cycles that they lean towards rather than constantly pushing ourselves to do and be more. How does your body need to take rest right now? What does it need in order to feel rejuvenated? When was the last time that you prioritized some recuperative time? We are all still in the throws of a global pandemic and it's exhausting to say the least! The pandemic energies themselves are exhausting before we add on all of the emotional exhaustion that comes from everything that has shifted and changed for us both in society and our personal lives over the course of the past year. That is why it's more important now than it ever has been to give ourselves permission to rest and recuperate. That is why it is so very important that we allow rest and recuperation, and rejuvenation to play a greater role in our daily lives. It will not always be necessary for us to rest and recuperate to this extent. There will be other cycles of striving and pushing forward. But honor the cycle that we're in and your need for rest. Waddling around isn't a good look for you anyway! ;)

When we've been going so hard for so long, it can feel challenging to gear down and allow ourselves to take rest. An AromaTouch Session utilizes essential oils to restore your body to homeostasis and allow your body to rejuvenate and effectively take rest. Book your session Here!

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