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Summertime, & The Livin' Is Easy...

Our Divine Download for December 23, 2023 is Summer from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. For some of us, this card is a confirmation of timing related to our wishes be granted (as we were promised through yesterday's card). It's always important to remember that all timing from the Spirit World is very "ish" and that we can't be too literal when it comes to interpreting messages from spirit sometimes (whereas other times we can't be literal enough lol!) For others of us, this is a sign that we are heading into a lovely season in our lives, a proverbial summer if you will. A season where there is more light. There is more warmth. There is more fun. There is greater ease. There is more freedom. There is seemingly more time. There is more joy. There is more that we enjoy. The truth of the matter is that for all of us, despite it being officially winter in the Northern Hemisphere, there are choices that we can make each and every single day to create (or co-create) our own personal summer (and I'm not talking about hot flashes here people!) We can literally turn on more lights or bring more lights into our homes. We can dress more warmly or we can crank our thermostat's up a few degrees. We can ALWAYS make the choice to prioritize and create more fun. We can choose paths of greater ease. We can find ways to embrace the freedom that we have which will certainly cultivate more freedom. (Time doesn't matter anyway, so I'm not even going there!) And we can always choose more joy. So as we approach the pinnacle highlight and holiday of the winter season, our guidance is very clearly to lean into summer-like vibes that'll warm your heart and soul all winter long.

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