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Sunny New Beginnings

Our Divine Download for June 13, 2021 is The Sun with it's message of "New Beginnings and Great Creativity" from the Energy Oracle Cards. It was not so very long ago (like a matter of mere days...) that we had another message about The Sun. Ahem. Are you paying attention?! The sun is necessary for all living things to grow and thrive. And it's showing up for us in a big way right now as things shift and change for us to allow us to heal, grow, and create. The sun's main job is to bring blessings to the Earth and The Sun puts us on notice that it will be bringing blessings to us as well. The Sun also nurtures the Earth, and brings our focus and our attention to our own nurturing of self during this time of wonderful new beginnings and positive change and blessings. Have you been nurturing yourself the way that you nurture others? Have you been receptive to others who have shown up to nurture you? Make sure that you are taking whatever steps necessary in your own life to allow the necessary space for and acceptance of nurturing. The Sun also brings with it the energy of creativity and support in anything that you may be wanting to create at this time. Are you allowing yourself to create? What inspiration is the sun beaming down into your head and heart that wants to use you as a vessel of creation? Visualize the rays of the sun shining down into your heart, mind, and body, bringing inspiration, growth, and abundant blessings. Know that The Sun supports you in creating the future that you have always wanted and dreamed of, so plant the seeds of those intentions right now. Affirm "I open my heart and life to the inspiration of Divine Love. I choose to create happiness in every new day." And so it is!

Flowers allow themselves to be nourished by The Sun and gracefully accept the new beginnings and creative stages of their lives. They can help you identify and remove any blocks to your new beginnings and creativity in your own life with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!

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